information on the max green story important need to read

everyone who reads my max green story i'm going to start writing it on my new acount cause it's all about escape the fate and…
ryanrossforever Oct 23, 2006

(Matt good) chrystal eyes (Matt good)14

nbsp;                                                                 MaTt'S P.o.V.       She got out of the car and went into the house. So I locked the car and walked into the house."Hey guys"…

Escape the Fate YAYNESS!!!1

*gasp* pants arn't rippedronnie and audreyi swear he is weird in every picter haharonnie radkethis makes me laughhahahis eyes r like ahhhhh in this picture

Be Strong

Why are we always so scaredeverything in life scares youbut then everything turns out ok in lifeeverything happens for a resonyour lose some of your…

(max)Catastrophic accidents you're the only one that died(green)4

nbsp;                                                                ReCaPe"Were is brian" I…

Lost a Friend Just Take Me Away

can't you see the pain this is causingwe use to be gest friendswhat ever happend now all we do is scream and yell at eachotherwhat…

(Matt good) chrystal eyes (Matt good)13

"Hey guys whats up" I said opening my locker."You seem out of breath" Brake said as we walked into first period."Ya I had a ruff…

(max)Catastrophic accidents you're the only one that died(green)3

"Lunch yes" Ronnie screamed."You are so weird" I said."I'm a growing boy leave me alone" he said pouting."Lunch thi is my favorite class" Max screamed…
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When the Tears Fall We are never alonevid
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About Me:

I luv writing poetry!!!1 ESCAPE THE FATE IS MY FREAKIN LIFE!!!1


ESCAPE THE FATE is my life!!!1 Writing poetry and songs is a big thing

Favorite Music:

ESCAPE THE FATE, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Hawthorne Heights, Avenged Sevenfold, nickelback, Shadowsfall, from first to last, and on and on I pretty much like evrything.

Favorite Movies:

Harry Potter all of them, Lord of the Rings all of them, X Men all of them, all the blades, Posedien, Serenity, The Gruge, the Skeliton Key, Prety much any thrillor ar action I like.

Favorite TV Shows:

I whatch tv all the time so all I whatch is music vidios, Summerland, beond the brake, pretty much evrything on the n, and fuse.

Favorite Books:

Harry potter all of them, Chronicals of Narnia all of them, stephan king books stuff like that.